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London, 1 November 2017

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Joint Traders Conference agenda: stock trading

To invest or not to invest? All you need to know

Joint Traders Conference it's a “must attend” event where all traders can follow the interventions, the training and the live trading offered by some of the best financial experts and traders of the international scene. Many qualified speakers will alternate during the day, and will provide the participants hours of news and live trading!
Nowadays shares and currencies divide the trading market. Most investors, in fact, focus on these assets to try to gain with the stock market. Trading with shares is not a child's play: you need to have a good knowledge of the sector to be able to develop a winning strategy. The main theme of the conference and of the speeches given by the speakers will therefore be stock trading, with technical insights on the various platforms and strategies to be used for trading stocks as Netflix, boeing, easyjet, Google etc…. There will also be updates on the situation of the financial market (in order to make progress on an action, an in-depth analysis must be carried out: only after this preliminary phase you can invest in shares) and why stock trading is convenient in these days.
The conference is structured with specific individual interventions that will end with a Q&A session in order to give everyone the opportunity to understand how the experts work on the market. However, it is important to know that stock trading will be the real protagonist of the day, and when the rapporteur recognizes a trading opportunity he will have the absolute precedence to take the stage and show his operations on the market with brokers such etoro.

Joint Traders Conference presents many innovations this year: the event is inaugurated by an opening conference dedicated to results, prospects and news of online stock trading. This type of trading has undergone considerable democratization, reaching a large number of users, people of all ages and nations. A type of activity, that of investing part of their savings, which for many years they used to delegate to banks or finance professionals, but which today is made accessible to the general public through online trading.
In addition to the traditional analysis on brokers and platforms, moreover, the program includes many interventions, including "Pie and Finance", designed to illustrate - with a touch of irony - how the structure of the stock market can be analysed with a metaphor of a cake.

About us

Bringing together a selection of international experts discussing a range of different topics like "how to be a successful online trader"or "the future of the new ways of betting ",the Brickstorms Traders Conference shows how unique it is and takes together the most influential people in the field of betting and trading.


It is a brand new event(it started in 2015), but it was rewarded from the first edition with a sold out and with promising reviews by delegates(90% of them said that would recommend this conference to a friend). Last year it was even named in the top Global trading conferences by David Clay, proving to have created a good flow of attendants that follows the event every year with passion.


Well, what to say about the 2017 edition? From various interviews of the sponsors of the conference we heard promising news and they stated that this year there is a plan to open an even bigger and better conference. We re waiting for best trading figures as FinancesOnline, MoneyOnlineThai and Olymp Trade

See below for our full agenda and list of speakers…

Why You should attend

  • Possibility to meet some of the most influential minds in trading.
  • You'll have a chance to get a glimpse of the trends that are shaping the future of betting.
  • Q&A sessions and workshops that will give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the trading system.
  • You will find a network with 500 sharp bettors and industry professionals.


Ronald Bayer

RONALD BAYER, OptionMag's Financial Director

Constantly at war with the financial world, Ronald Bayer refuses the sudden technological boom in the world of trading and states that it's changing the market for better, and also for worst. As he deepened his knowledge about the financial markets he seems to have seen the dangers of the late transformations that are taking place without even knowledge from the wider world. They lacks of transparency and they can gravely affect what Ronald with his researches contributed to build in his career. So he has decided to bring up his knowledge one more time to try to stop the sudden growth of technology in the trading world and using what remains of this expansion to try to stabilize the system.
Harry Enten


Senior analyst and writer for FourthOnSide, specialized in political issues and analysis of sports, political, econmical betting scores.

He is little by little making new way for political journalism basing everything on numbers and statistics. He believe that this method can bring us the truth more than using human sources because they state facts, the contrary of humans who can only assumptions.

Douglas McWilliams


Called the equivalent of the past Adam Smith, Mark Mcgedley is one of the foremost economic forecasters that is making is way from Europe to an international level. He is redactor of economic agenda. He has written three books about politics and economy, explaining how this two entities relate to each other in a circle with no end, and the reviews of his work where so great to impress the most expert personalities in macroeconomy fields and it gave him the title of the best economy writer in the past 50 years. To read our exclusive interview with Mark ahead of the Brickstorms Traders Conference click here to go to our insights site.
Harry Findlay


A legend in the field of betting, Willard Grom managed to win £20 with his experience and his acute mind, but in the gambling world there is not something as the one who always win, so he spent just as much he arned many times. Nevertheless he accepts the risks of this profession, fearless and formidable, still there is no one that can match his formidable skills. To read our exclusive interview with Willard Grom ahead of the Brickstorms Traders Conference click here to go to our insights site.
Luigi Colombo


Leonardo Montegrigio's profession comprehends statistical research about sport betting, developing of statistical models based in each kind of sport bets (but in his case mainly in football) and trading programming researches. He is also the Head of the Evaluative Team at Shellgroove, a consultancy that reunites the majour international experts in this fields. He is now developing analytical system, but before this he did experiment himself entering in the sports betting world and studying it's dynamics from an intern point of view.
Charles McGarraugh


After spending 16 years at Gold heart Facility, he covered the position of Head of Metal Trading section in J. Simon commodities unit, and of International Trading Agency supervisor. Robert can be considered an expert in emerging trading markets, corporate credit, finance and commodities. He tried a role of investor too, and as he started with great income and success he's continuing this activity in his spare time.
Caan Berry


An interesting personality, Sean Brogs didn't choose to enter the world of trading:is the trading that chose him. After some financial problems and a carrier as a soldier in Afghanistan he wanted to start a family, but he didn't had the economical possibilities. In that dark time the betting worlds opened its doors to Sean making great promises, and the good fortune has smiled to him since then
Peter Webb

Gabriel Stews

Racingbets Presenter and PunditFounder of Bet Devil
Gabriel is a man of the future, always trying to foresee the next trading tendencies, and he didn't even a single mistake in racing bets. From the 2000 until now he has won almost every race he attended and bet to, and he had the luck to foresee the betting exchanges and become the first user. He is still using that method and it seems his perseverance is always giving good results.
Dan Weston

Daniel Lonton

Sports analyst
He specializes in football, researching and writing articles about statistical data and advises for the players. He's been in the journalism world since the beginning of his career, but now he managed to take his writing passion to the newt level becoming the founder of a sports bet website full of useful articles and interesting scores.
Dave Nevison

Nathan Dalian

After graduation he participated at a trading exchange in the city of Los Angeles and he decided to remain here and start up his own business. Here he fell in love with tennis and from 1993 he is betting and conducting trades as a professional personality. He wrote some interesting books too, one of them is "a Hell of a winner" that won the 1996 first price for his punctual analysis of the tennis betting system.
Nick Goff

Gordon Norway

Professional sport bettor
Gordon worked around the world (Tokyo, Malta, Amsterdam) creating faithful contacts all over the world and taking together the found to start his own sport business. Now as a professional bettor he offers expert advices and he is active in horse racing, tennis and various kind of football.  To read our exclusive interview with Gordon Norway ahead of the Brickstorms Traders Conference click here to go to our insights site.
Neil Channing


Professional gambler
The life of Newt has always had a connection with betting. As he grew up he discovered more and more betting fields and strategies and systems, and now his knowledge has become quite a legend. But no matter how many interesting things he continue discovering, his first and last love will always be poker. Poker has given and taken so much from Newt, but his passion never dies and keeps playing in his free time, because he finds most of his earnings in sports betting,horse racing in particular. He also believes that expert bettors have the moral duty to help other gamblers colleagues, so he created a platform called Betting Square where he enjoys teaching betting strategies and sharing information's with other gamblers.
Brad Allen


Allen is not a betting specialist, but as a journalist he knows trading markets and schemes so well that he can be considered one of them. He is also trying to bet semi a professionally from 2015,but what he really enjoys doing is writing for his magazine about gambling trade. To read our exclusive interview with Allen Worker ahead of the Brickstorms Traders Conference click here to go to our insights site.
Michael Carlson


Famous American sport broadcaster for the last 20 years, he became the face of BBC sport news section and he is expanding his influence even in Sky channels. He also live d in Australia for over 30 years, writing journalism books in his free time and deepening his trading knowledge by watching betting programs and participating to important trading events, just like this conference. From next year he will cover the BBC talk sport radio too, with a lot of innovative contents and interviews.




Standard tickets are on sale until October 31st but make sure to buy early to secure your place as there are limited amounts available!


1Matchbook Welcomemore info9:30 amMain Hall
2How the economy will change and how it might affect sports bettingmore infoDouglas McWilliams 10:00amMain hall
Economist Douglas McWilliams discusses how in a time of massive upheaval, the Irish, UK and world economies are likely to be completely different in 10-15 years and what that means for the general public and sports bettors specifically.
4Sports trading as an asset classmore infoCharles McGarraugh 11.15amMain Hall
5Flash Boy: Meet the man trying to revolutionise financial tradingmore infoRonan Ryan 12.00pmMain Hall
6Sponsored sessionmore infoBet Advisor 1.45pmMain Hall
7PRO PANEL: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A SUCCESSFUL TRADERmore infoDan Weston , Peter Webb , Caan Berry 2.05pmMain Hall
8A FIRESIDE CHAT WITH HARRY FINDLAYmore infoHarry Findlay 3.00pmMain Hall
In the gambling fraternity, Harry Findlay has earned legendary status. He has been skint dozens of times, won over £20 million and spent just as much. But he will not change. Fearless and formidable, bullish and bombastic, there is no one in the gambling game who can match Harry’s style and seismic impact.
9Pro Panel: NFL BETTING INSIGHTS AND ANALYSISmore infoNeil Channing , Nick Goff , Michael Carlson , Brad Allen 3.50pmMain Hall
The NFL Pro Panel go in-depth on how to hunt down value in NFL markets, the use of stats in NFL betting, the possibility of a London-based NFL team and much more.
10THE FUTURE OF POLITICAL BETTINGmore infoHarry Enten 4.45pmMain Hall


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