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First documents on Foreign Trade

Publié le  dimanche 17 octobre 2010

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The "Foreign Trade" issue has been proposed by the S2B network ("Seatlle to Brussels") in order to add the exteranl dimension to the 4 issues that were on the table of the preparatory conference of September 28th.

Why should we discuss the "external trade" issue in our project on Social Europe ? The reason is that economic development of Europe depends deeply of the kind of relationship EU chooses with the reste of the world.

Is it posible to have a fair, social and progressive Europe "inside" if his development is based "outside" on the exploitation of the peoples and the planet ?

Presently, 3 documents are on, the table (below)

the introduction (by Dave Tucker) for the preparatory debates of septembre 28th

RTF - 1.4 Mo

the report of this debate

RTF - 1.4 Mo

the document "Towards an Alternative Mandate" prepared by S2B network

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