Intermediate Conference

Publié le  mercredi 26 février 2014

Athens - February 14-15th

The event that was organized on February 14th and 15th 2104 gathered about a thirty people. These ones came from a balanced panel from twelve European countries (Germany, Belgium, Greece, France, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Hungary, …).

First of all, a reminder was made about the last actions of this project and the enclosed actions of it (in which some members of the network took place). It was followed by a speech about the effects of the austerity policies on the social dialogue in Greece, and more widely in Europe. Some particular points were developed : the Health sector, Education sector and the situation of the women’s employment sector (in particular for the cleaners). Later, the extreme right problematic upon the European social model was debated too. The network members also accorded not only on the next projects on the agenda and beyond but on a more targeted communication’s strategy as well. Finally was defined a proposition of working that would be more efficient inside the network (strengthening of the network to a movement, better mobilization).

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