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"Social Dialogue in the health, social action and social welfare system sectors"

Publié le  vendredi 14 février 2014

Brussels - February 7-8th 2014

The “Social Dialogue in the health, social action and social welfare system sectors” Network, combined with the JSC for this program, gathered more than 200 people in Brussels on February the 7th and 8th 2014.

The meeting allowed to several representatives from European countries to expose the health care situation in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Germany, England (concrete examples study), … This came with an analysis of the economic and political reasons of the exposed situations. The delegations that stemmed from a large panel of European countries (Western, Central and Eastern Europe) found in this event an opportunity to be more familiar with the European policies, with the social dialogue (and, this way, contribute to the social dialogue on a local and national level), with the possible consequences of the TTIP on the health and the social security, and then to exchange some good applications concerning workers’ consultation, information and involvement.

In other respects, this event permitted to the Network to deliver its Manifest to three representatives from 3 different Directorates-General of the European Commission (DG Health and Consumers, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, and DG Internal Market and Services), to the Belgian Prime Minister, and to 11 European Embassies (to be transmitted to their respective Governments). This document mention the following propositions : no to the policies that promote the health marketing, yes to the Health as an universal property, financed in a solidary way….The Network commits itself for an equal access to the Health for everyone without a single restriction, for a collective and public funding of the Health, against the private health insurance, for the right to a decent job and wage, for the right to use high-standard public water.

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