Finale conference for evaluation

Publié le  vendredi 28 mars 2014

Brussels - March 12-14th 2014

The last phase of the project gathered about forty participants for an European conference on evaluation, recommendations and disclosure. It was on the 12th, 13th and 14th of March 2014.

On the 13th, it started by a pooling of the work done by the coordination committee and the progresses’ summary since the meeting in Athens in February 2014.

The work was then divided by themes :

- Common evaluation of the project around 3 important questions : did the project’s implementation match to the Network members and the piloting committee wishes ? Were the learnings satisfying concerning a better knowledge of the European right and policies within the framework of the social dialogue ? Were these knowledge transferable and transferred to a local level in the Network members’ delegations ? The results were collected through satisfaction surveys and direct debriefings of the members and they were mostly very positive. It encouraged our willing to involve some union delegates from all the districts in Europe (in particular Eastern and Center Europe) during a long-term time for the increasing and improvement of the social dialogue. The network had to notice that its actions and itself could be strengthen. Because, first, the political and social situation weaken the network and its mobilization’s capacity, and secondly, the organization’s challenge is important : unity and coordination, taking care of the regional/national specifications.

- Increasing of the JSC network and of its subgroups (Network for the right to Health in Europe, social dialogue and employment in the Education sector, impact of the TTIP on the social consultation, workgroup against the rising of the extreme right, Stringency/Troïka workgroup). Followed by a collective discussion about the operation and communication inside the network and towards organization’s members delegates.

A general speech and debate about the economic , financial and politic situation of EU helped as a framework during the last day of the action. This permitted to decide collectively which continuations may be reserved at this project for the upcoming months and years.

The project’s conclusion ended with the intervention of a network’s member who is in charge of the previously debated in Athens (in February) communication’s strategy. The new version of this strategy was debated and approved.

The meeting has moreover integrated a new related event : a conference (12/03 afternoon) about the TTIP and the free trade agreements for the social dialogue stakes.

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