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Publié le  mercredi 20 mars 2013

Brussels - March 15-16th 2013

The Launching Conference of the “Enlarging the basis of the European Social Dialogue : multi-sector actions of training and information for local representatives of workers in the EU, including Central and Eastern Europe” project, from the JSC network occurred on the 15th & 16th of March 2013 in Brussels. It permitted at first for the members (the participating organizations) to introduce themselves. More than 80 people took part of the continuation of the Conference that was organized in two sessions :

1) The social dialogue in the health care sector 2) The impact of the stringency plans on the social dialogue

1) Greek and Dutch Speakers talking about the situation of the work in the health care sector, debates, testimonies country by country (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, Italy), synthesis of the elements concerning the European issues and context, debates, proposition of decentralized and harmonized tools, conclusions.

2) Analysis of the stringency policies in Europe and history of the European instructions about the information and the workers’ consult (Etienne Lebeau, CNE), evolution of the social dialogue in Romania (P. Dama, CSDR), in Italy (CGIL), in Poland (OZZ 80), in Hungary (G. Karoly, MSZ OZZ).

The network members agreed on a series of mutual claims to uphold in the actions that will be part of the project. For an ecological and social Europe. No to precariousness and poverty (return of a better social dialogue, be free to negotiate, promoting the right to a sensible job). For an economical democracy (to frame the banking activities to guide them to social, ecological, economical and jobs creating activities). The importance of the real workers’ involvement (men and women, including less represented sectors) in the social national dialogue has been emphasized.

The end of the conference was devoted to the next steps and terms of the actions’ program, based on the suggestions from both work groups.

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